The Truth About Healing (Coming Winter 2016)

“Doc, you we’re my last stop…” They’ve been through the full gamut.; they’ve been poked, prodded, cut, drugged, spent seemingly more nights in a hospital bed rather than their own bed at home. They’ve cried, they’ve fought the insurance companies; they’ve fought for their life. They’re at the end of the road, as they know it.

The Truth About Health is a series that takes a closer look at health alternatives. Experts ranging from Lyme Disease to MS, provide insight on what exactly your doctor is not telling you. Trudy Scott, of the Anti-Anxiety Food Solution, Dr. Terry Wahls, of the Wahls diet, and others are interviewed to let you in on the secrets of the health and healing outside the mainstream establishment. We aim to shed light on the revolutionary change that can be created through diet, detoxification and mental health. People often come to alternative medicine as a last stop, after traditional medicine has failed them. This series will show you that alternative medicine is really at the forefront of medical discovery.